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Why You Need a comfortable Switch Controller with Good Material and texture?

Jun 29,2024 | FUNLAB-Cheriko

Hey gamers, Cheriko here :).

Nowadays, gaming has become an important part of many people's lives. For most gamers, a high-quality comfortable switch controller is one of the key factors in enhancing the switch gaming experience.

When choosing a game controller, the controller material and texture are the crucial consideration. Below, I will discuss why you need a game controller with good material and texture.

Enhances Comfort

Good material and texture can enhance the comfort of a game controller. Holding a game controller for long periods can lead to hand fatigue and discomfort.

Using controllers with high-quality material and texture can alleviate this discomfort, allowing you to focus more on enjoying the gaming experience.

Soft and grippy materials and texture can reduce hand pressure, enabling players to operate the game controller more easily and improve the overall gaming experience.

The Controller with good material and texture

Extends Lifespan

Game controllers with good material typically have a longer lifespan. Durable material can prevent wear and damage from frequent use, extending the controller's longevity.

In contrast, low-quality material is prone to cracking, deformation, and other issues that affect the stability and durability of the game controller.

Therefore, choosing a game controller with good material not only ensures a long-term user experience but also saves on replacement costs and time.

Stable and comfortable material

Improves Operability

High-quality texture game controllers often have better tactile feedback and operability. Smooth and delicate surface can increase friction between fingers and the controller, making operations more precise and flexible.

Additionally, some special texture can enhance tactile feedback, allowing you to feel the actions and plot of the game more realistically, enhancing immersion.

By selecting a game controller with good texture, you can better control the game's rhythm, improve gaming skills, and enjoy a richer gaming experience.

Good-feeling and comfortable texture

Personal Example

For instance, I tend to sweat in my palms while gaming, which can be uncomfortable after extended play sessions.

However, since I started using FUNLAB Luminous Joypad, which is the controller with good material and texture, this issue has significantly diminished. I've written a review of it, please check out if you're interested.

The light material and diamond texture on the controller not only makes my hands feel more comfortable, but also does not significantly reduce the feeling even if my palms already sweat, because it keeps me cool, prevents my hands from slipping, and allows me to operate the handle more steadily.

This improvement has not only allowed me to enjoy longer gaming sessions but has also made me pay more attention to the material and texture of game controllers.

Proof of use


In conclusion, a game controller with good material and texture is crucial for enhancing the gaming experience. Comfortable grip, durable quality, and excellent operability all rely on high-quality material and texture support.

Therefore, when choosing a game controller, it is essential to consider whether the material and texture meets your needs to ensure the best gaming experience.