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Switch2 news?! 84th Nintendo Annual General Meeting Roundup

Jul 02,2024 | FUNLAB-Cheriko

Hey gamer, Cheriko here :).

After half a year of silence, Nintendo began to explode in June! Following the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo held its 84th Annual General Meeting on June 27, 2024.

While the lineup of games announced on Nintendo Direct was of very high quality, it was still a bit disappointing that there was no news of Switch2 that gamers have been dying for. But that's okay, Nintendo revealed more news about Switch2 during the question session at the AGM!

I've handpicked the ones you might be more interested, full article here.

Ninteno AGM

About Switch2

Switch2 will be in full supply

Furukawa: The semiconductor shortage that occurred at the time of Nintendo Switch's launch has now been resolved. Nintendo will do its best to ensure that production will be able to meet demand, and will also do everything in its power to prevent scalping.

Earnings forecast does not include new Switch 2 news

Furukawa: While Nintendo's earnings forecasts are certainly highly scrutinized by investors, revealing specific product information and sales strategies ahead of time could break the surprise, so that information cannot be shared. While mid-term earnings forecasts will no longer be announced, it is necessary to publish a full-year business outlook.

Switch has no plans to raise prices

Furukawa: For the time being, we are not considering a price increase for Nintendo Switch, while the pricing strategy for Switch2 cannot be revealed at this time, but since the yen is likely to depreciate in the long term, Nintendo will need to keep an eye on it and adjust pricing.

There will be new IPs on Switch2

Takahashi: In addition to well-known IPs such as Zelda and Mario, there will definitely be new IPs planned. Whether it's gamers who like existing IPs or gamers who want to try out new series, Nintendo will take it into account.

About Games

More attempts at visual impairment friendliness

Furukawa: While specific initiatives won't be discussed, because of the desire to make Nintendo games available to as many people as possible around the world, various efforts will hopefully be made to provide access to games for those who have difficulty playing them, not just the visually impaired.

Switch offers a lot of support for indie games

Furukawa: In order to attract indie game developers, Nintendo has been working to improve the development environment and provide support, such as promoting indie games through the "Indie World" program. Nintendo has been providing the Nintendo Switch with indie game development environments such as Unity and Unreal Engine for a long time, and hope to further strengthen indie game activities and increase the attractiveness of the platform.

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the NES

Famicom is the Japanese version of NES.

Furukawa: Nintendo has taken a variety of measures to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Famicom, including opening a dedicated website and launching a Famicom-themed YouTube program. Those who become Nintendo Switch Online members can play many Famicom games on Switch. Nintendo plans to release Famicom World Championships in July to help remind more people of Famicom and attract new customers. Of course, Nintendo also cherishes new products.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been in development for far too long.

Furukawa: It's inevitable that modern games take longer to develop, and Nintendo is constantly expanding its development resources and making the necessary investments.

Takahashi: Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been in development for nearly 10 years, and as hardware advances, software development time inevitably lengthens, but Nintendo plans to shorten development cycles by gradually improving the development environment. In addition to games that have been in development for a long time, we hope to release games that have shorter development cycles but are just as fun.

Tezuka: In addition to Wonder, a number of other Mario titles will also be developed at the same time, insisting on creating unique gaming experiences that everyone can enjoy and love Nintendo dearly. Some of the future new titles will take time to develop, while others will be released in a short period of time.


Attitude towards AI

Furukawa: Nintendo says that AI-like technology has been used for some time in the gaming industry for things like enemy character movement, so there's a strong connection between game development and AI technology. While generative AI has been getting a lot of attention lately and allows for more creative work, it also brings up issues such as intellectual property rights. Nintendo first wants to ensure that it creates the best possible gaming experience, and then wants to continue to create unique value while being flexible enough to respond to technological developments.

Super Nintendo World to open at Universal Studios

Miyamoto: Ten years ago, Nintendo realized that its console business alone was limited and began expanding into mobile gaming, theme parks and movies. It's important for Nintendo to stimulate customers' interest in its products in the hope that they will not only buy them for their children, but also enjoy the fun themselves. The company members work together to create reasons that attract people to choose Nintendo. Nintendo does not produce everyday products, but creates new added value to stimulate interest and always aims to create explosive products, relying on this way to become a must-have for families.

Promote game soundtracks more often

Furukawa: Many of Nintendo's customers are interested in game music, and have received a good response when organizing concerts and releasing game music. Nintendo believes that game music is valuable for "expanding the number of people who are exposed to Nintendo IP," so it wants to consider how to utilize game music in a way that pleases its customers.