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Upgrade your gaming experience! Nintendo Switch accessories guide

Jun 25,2024 | FUNLAB-Cheriko

Hey gamers, Cheriko here :).

When you start playing Nintendo Switch, you can find that there are many accessories choices. In order to help improve your gaming experience, here's the Nintendo Switch accessories guide! I will list many common Switch accessories and their usage. You can choose and buy them based on your needs.

Remember our motto: Everything for fun :D.


How can you play games without a controller? But there are also many types of controllers for Switch.

Original Joycon

When you buy a new Switch, it will come with a pair of Joycon, providing the gaming experience that fits very well with Switch's design philosophy. However, if your Joycon break or, you need more for multiplay games, you will need to buy additional ones.

The original Joycon is often a good choice in most cases and shows one of the unique features of Switch. It has HD rumble feedback and motion sensing. Regardless of any special requirements, ultimately you will still need a pair of Joycon.

However, they are indeed more expensive; even the most basic red-and-blue style sells for around $70, while other styles can be even pricier (even though they just have different colors), which may be hard to accept for many people.

original joycon

Original Pro Controller

As its name suggests, it's designed for pro players. If Joycon don't fully meet your needs, then this controller is what you want. It offers better grip and finer controls but isn't as easy to carry around and share like Joycon. If you are not a casual gamer, chances are high that you will also need a pro controller.

Of course, its price is similar to that of Joycons: EXPENSIVE.

original pro controller

FUNLAB Luminous Joypad

There are many options that improve upon the original joycon: either by being cheaper or by enhancing comfort since someone find it uncomfortable to hold and use origin Joycons due to their small size.

The functions provided depend on each manufacturer; however basic functionalities such as portability sharing and motion sensing should be present. Due to their diversity in offerings, consider your own needs before making a purchase decision.

For example our FUNLAB Luminous Joypad series has made significant improvements in terms of feel while being cheaper than original Joycons at the same time.

funlab luminous joypad

FUNLAB Firefly Pro

There's an abundance of third-party Pro Controllers available since the original Pro Controller is already excellent (albeit expensive). These third-party controllers usually differentiate themselves through various detailed aspects.

Our FUNLAB Firefly Pro series focuses heavily on details such as diamond texture design, Turbo control feature, and Hidden-Til-Lit Display which makes them stand out. However, since our Luminous Joypad also have these features, the pricing difference between Firefly and Luminous ends up being only 10 dollars lower haha.

funlab pro controller


You definitely don't want to accidentally damage your Switch, so it's necessary to take care of your Switch, such as doing some protective measures.

Screen Protector

The Switch screen is prone to scratches. Especially while using the original dock, placing and removing Switch can easily cause wear on the screen. Scratches and wear on the screen are irreversible, and if it breaks, you'll have to spend many dollars to replace it, so getting a screen protector is highly recommended.

If you don't have specific likes, regular protectors, high-definition protectors or tempered glass protectors can all be used.

Protective Case

The main usage of a protective case is to prevent wear on the back of the console and block dust. Additionally, while being able to protect the console effectively with good grip and fit into existing bags or cases; you can still easily find a design that suits your taste.

It's recommended to prioritize modular protective cases over one-piece designs.

Switch Carrying Case

Using your Switch carrying case regularly helps avoid dust when left out for long periods. If you need to travel with your Switch, a carrying case becomes even more important as it not only prevents other items in your bag scratching the screen but also effectively protects buttons.

It's advisable to choose a hard case that is resistant against deformation and impact for better protection. If you use a protective case for your Switch, make sure that the carrying case has enough room for accommodating it along with other accessories.

Products like FUNLAB's Nintendo Switch carrying cases offer features such as waterproofing, premium texture quality and stylish designs which might be worth considering if needed.

funlab switch carrying case


When you've been a Switch gamer little longer, you may find yourself surrounded by many gaming items. Proper storage helps in easy access and prevents loss.

Switch Carrying Case

The Switch carrying case can also be used as a storage. If you want to neatly store all your Switch accessories, consider getting a larger case.

There are three common sizes of Switch cases:

  • Small: Can usually only fit one Switch console and some game cards.

  • Medium: Can accommodate the charger and more items.

  • Large: Can even hold the dock, pro controller, etc.

In FUNLAB, we offer cases in all three sizes so you can choose according to your needs.

funlab switch carrying case large

Game Box Display Stand

If you have many games and appreciate displaying them vertically, consider using a game card display stand to showcase all your game boxes neatly.

This method is more convenient for access compared to horizontal placement and looks aesthetically pleasing. It will surely give you a sense of accomplishment when showing off to friends.

Micro SD Memory Card

For those who download many games, having a Micro SD memory card is crucial because the standard memory of Switch is only 32GB (64GB for OLED).

Even the players who primarily using physical cards might purchase digital games. For most players, a 64GB or 128GB memory card should suffice for storing downloaded games.

Game Card Case

Having a game card case is wise if you have numerous game cards since each card holds considerable value, losing them would be regrettable.

FUNLAB game card cases offers 24-slot and 48-slot capacity game card and SD card holders with various designs suitable for professional gamers.

funlab game card case


Thumb Grips

If you want to make your Switch looks better, you can add a thumb grip to the joysticks, which can also enhance the control feel.

In FUNLAB, we have designed many cute FUNLAB thumb grips that will surely look great on your Switch.

funlab thumb grips


Stickers are another way of decoration. However, be careful as residue may be left behind when removed after long use. You can use a hairdryer to help remove most of the residue.


Although they are categorized as "others", these items are also very useful.

Joycon Charging Dock

If you have multiple pairs of Joycon, it's essential to get a Joycon charging dock. It's inconvenient to charge all of your Joycons by alternating them on the Switch. Of course, you can also use it for storage purposes.

Power Bank

If you often use your Switch outdoors, a power bank is crucial to prevent embarrassing situations where your game progress is lost due to your Switch running out of battery.

FUNLAB Lumingrip series not only functions as a power bank but can also be used as a joycon connector grip. The design is well-matched to FUNLAB Luminous too. If interested, consider purchasing both Luminous and Lumingrip together.

funlab lumingrip charge grip


Spraying some WD-40 on your Joycon can quickly alleviate joystick drift and clean dust or stains from your controller.

Of course, joystick drift issues with Joycons largely stem from their own design flaws. If you are using FUNLAB Luminous Joypad, you generally won't encounter joystick drift problems so easily.

Accessories Related to Specific Games

If you want to fully enjoy games like Ring Fit Adventure, you may need to buy accessories specifically designed for those games.